Medical Billing & Coding

YF Corporation’s medical billing services handle the “dirty work” typically associated with the billing process.

YF Corporation puts more effort into getting claims paid correctly the first time to save precious health care dollars and reduce unnecessary administrative tasks that take time and resources away from patient… more

Claim Denial Appeals

Our unique knowledge in overpayment requests, UCR denials, Medical Necessity denials, and pre-authorization denials enables us to achieve maximum reimbursements. We continuously strive to improve our knowledge and expertise in the medical claims reimbursement industry and have become a national leader in the claims appeals process by participating in the nation’s first… more

Out Of Network Specialists

YF Corporation specializes in Out-Of-Network billing and collections and helps non contracting entities navigate the complexity of OON billing and reimbursements.

According to a government report, over 70% of insured Americans have out-of-network (OON) coverage, yet, for many medical facilities and providers, “out of network” means “out of luck” as they come up against an increasing number of payers… more